Air-Duct Cleaning

Air ducts are often the dirtiest part of the house and most people don't even have them cleaned

Seriously...Take a look at this photo of a dirty air duct for an example of how filthy air duct lines can get.

Image taken from this Medium article...Filthy.

Can you imagine that dust flying around through your house whenever the fan in your HVAC system kicks on?

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Filthiness isn't the only reason to take care of your HVAC system, though. Your HVAC system is an essential part of your home. In some ways, it can even be called the lungs of your house

Modern HVAC systems are pretty amazing pieces of equipment. With a full HVAC system including a heat pump, you can heat and cool your entire house. As an added bonus, when using a heat pump, you don’t even need to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning from the HVAC system.

HVAC systems also help to ventilate your home and can filter allergens out of the air. They truly are essential to a healthy and comfortable home.

Like nearly everything, though, they require some maintenance to work up to their full potential. HVAC and air duct cleaning is one useful maintenance operation.

When your HVAC and air duct systems are too dirty, there are several potential issues that you may experience:

  • Increased energy costs. Restricting air flow in the system can make the fan work longer and harder. This requires more energy. Dust build up on the HVAC coils also forces the HVAC system to work harder using more energy.
  • Increased allergens in the air. If your air ducts have too much dust, mold, mildew, and other allergens, it is reasonable to assume that some of them will re-enter the air while the fan runs.
  • Expensive repairs. For example, dirty evaporator coils are insulated by the dust and grime surrounding them. This makeshift insulation can prevent the warm air running over the coils from warming up the refrigerant in the system enough to prevent it from freezing. When this happens, the temperature of the compressor increases which can cause it to fail.
  • Shorter lifespan of the HVAC system. All of the issues that can cause expensive repairs can also shorten the overall lifespan of the HVAC system.

Interested in having your air ducts cleaned?

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Hint: We're likely cheaper than our competitors.

What we clean

Unfortunately, we don’t clean every single piece of the HVAC system. For example, we don’t disassemble the heat pump and clean all the inner workings inside of it. If you are wanting this service, it would be best to work with a trained and certified HVAC repair technician who is comfortable working with a heat pump on this level.

However, we do clean:

  • Evaporator coil. This part is located within the air handler. We clean this coil as a normal part of our cleaning process. This is one of the most important pieces to clean to protect your system from breaking down.
  • Condensate pan. This pan catches the moisture that drips off the evaporator coil. If it’s dirty and accessible, we will clean it as well.
  • Air handler unit. We won’t disassemble the air handler unit or anything. But we will clean the dust, dirt, and grime out of it as best we can without disassembling.
  • Air ducts. This is the main service that we offer. We use commercial-grade cleaning equipment to scrub and remove the dust and dirt from the air ducts. This is essential to remove as many allergens as possible from your home.
  • Vent registers. The vent registers covering your air ducts likely have some dust caked onto them as well. We will clean them along with the air ducts.

Post-cleaning treatments

Along with the cleaning process, we also perform a process called “fogging.” This process involves misting a series of treatments into the air ducts. These treatments perform three important functions.

  • Deodorization. We control odors within the air ducts with a deodorization treatment.
  • Antimicrobial treatment. We kill mold and mildew within the air ducts. This is obviously essential to dealing with as many allergens as possible within your home.
  • Sealant. We seal the air ducts which help to prevent particulates from blowing through the air.

Dryer vent cleaning

Dirty and clogged dryer vents are a fire hazard. It is absolutely necessary that your dryer vents be cleaned out at least once a year.

We offer dryer vent cleaning as well.

Interested in having your air ducts cleaned?

Click the button below to get a price quote for our air duct cleaning services.

Hint: We're likely cheaper than our competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often is air duct cleaning needed? As a general rule of thumb, air duct cleaning is needed every one to five years. How frequently depends upon factors such as whether or not you have pets, do you smoke in the house, are allergens a particular issue, have you engaged in any home remodeling projects that may have added dust into the environment, etc.
  • How much does air duct cleaning cost? Cost varies depending upon the type of system you have, how many units you have, and how many duct lines are in the home. In general, though, our pricing is set to be lower than our top competitors’ pricing.
  • Do you always clean the air handler? As a general rule, we clean the air handler along with the air duct cleaning process as a bonus. Exceptions will be made if the air handler isn’t in a reasonably accessible location.
  • How long will an appointment take to complete? Most homes require anywhere between two and four hours to clean.
  • What locations do you service? We service Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Radford, Roanoke and the surrounding areas in Virginia.

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