Leather Cleaning

Leather that is properly maintained will last four–or even five–times longer than fabric or man-made fibers. Sci-Tech’s leather specialists have been thoroughly trained in how to properly identify your type of leather. As of January 2010, Robert McCutcheon, co-owner of Sci-Tech, was one of just over one thousand IICRC certified leather cleaners in the world. Sci-Tech only uses the most highly developed and world recognized leather care products developed by Leather Master.

Regular cleaning and replenishment of natural oils will keep the leather in good condition for years to come. Oils in the leather will dry out and evaporate even when the leather is not regularly used. To keep the leather soft and flexible, dirt and grime which have accumulated on the surface must be removed, and the oils be periodically replaced. No matter how carefully you protect your leather, spills and other accidents can cause potential problems. Many stains can be easily removed if corrected immediately using the proper product. In most cases, home remedies that are tried only set the stain in deeper, making it impossible to remove. It’s important that stains be treated properly from the start.

Does Leather Need To Be Cleaned?

Leather is often sold as ‘bullet-proof’ furniture; rarely if ever needing cleaning or care. It is true, leather, when cared for correctly, will LONG outlast most fabric upholstery. However, leather will slowly soil and require cleaning. Some of these soils, like perspiration, body oils, and stains, will permanently stain and damage the leather if not cared for promptly. Also, leather requires regular moisturizing to prevent pealing and cracking and to keep that soft, supple feel that you love. We highly recommend that you have your leather furniture cleaned and conditioned every 6 months to a year.

Did you know some leather cleaning kits that you can buy in the store can actually harm, rather than help, your leather?

Leather furnishings require very specialized care and attention. Nearly all ‘over-the-counter’ leather cleaning products are ineffective or even worse, downright damaging to your leather. Sci-Tech uses cleaning techniques and products designed and used by the worlds’ largest leather tanneries.

Those store-bought kits may leave your leather looking better in the short term, but they can break down the finish, which could lead to drying and cracking. Often they are made with solvents, silicone and lubricants; which can, over time, damage and dry out your leather. The products we use moisturize and protect your leather, which helps keep it soft and supple for years to come without any detrimental side effects.