We make rugs healthier and cleaner.

Restore your rugs to like-new condition with our submersion rug bathing!


Nobody beats the quality of our rug cleaning services!

Full submersion cleaning

We fully submerge rugs for maximum soiling removal. This process flushes your rugs repeatedly until we push all of the dirt and soiling out.

Effective pet odor removal

Our odor treatments completely eradicate odors like they never existed. Our odor treatments are so powerful, they can even remove skunk odors!

Thorough detailing by hand

Every rug we clean is detailed by hand to groom the fringe and treat troublesome spots. This will leave your rugs looking better than you imagined.

Check out our multi-step process

Rugs are beaten before being washed to remove dry soils that can't be removed by vacuuming alone.

We use a "beating machine" to thoroughly beat dirt and other particulates out of the rug. This process is more effective than vacuuming and removes a significant amount of dirt from your rugs. Alone, this process acts as a dry cleaning for your rug.

We submerge and then pit wash rugs until all of the dirt in the rug has been removed.

A high-powered and completely rug-safe cleaner is applied to the rug. Then we scrub the rug thoroughly on both sides before flushing water through the rugs in our wash pit. This process pushes out virtually all of the remaining dirt in the rug.

We dry all rugs in a controlled drying station to expedite the drying process.

Rugs are dried flat on a drying board with airflow on the bottom and top of the rug before being hung in a separate drying station. We test the moisture levels in all rugs using a moisture meter. This ensures that the rugs are completely dry before moving along to the next steps in the process.

We clean and groom all fringe by hand to restore the fringe to its former brightness.

Not only do we scrub and rinse the fringe free of dirt, but we also neutralize the pH of the fringe to ensure that it feels soft and looks great.

Rugs are wrapped to protect them from re-soiling until you are ready for them to be placed again.

Before wrapping a rug, we test it with moisture meter to ensure that it is fully dry and perform a very thorough quality inspection.

We offer rug pick-up and delivery services

Not only will we pick up and deliver your rugs, but we will also install them however you want them. This includes placing them underneath furniture and aligning them on rug pads where necessary.

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What our clients are saying

I have had the opportunity to use Sci-Tech for a lot of different services including basic carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, carpet restoration and water extraction and treatment due to sewer system back ups. Their customer service is top notch, they completely guarantee their work and they are always available to help me when I call. As a long time customer of Sci-Tech, I fully recommend them for any job!


April, Blacksburg, VA

Very professional and dependable, we highly recommend them for your cleaning NEEDS! Thank you.


The Deans

Thank you so much for making our carpet look great again! One of your competitors told us the stains would not come out--I believed them. (We have two dogs, two cats, and two kids so things can be rough!) Apparently not true as our carpets are beautiful after the Sci-Tech royal treatment! A friend remarked the carpet looks "like new." I am beyond thrilled!



Our rugs were clean and fresh. For our allergies and asthma that's important. There was no chemical smell. Thank you.